Cannon Springs

Photo by Will Dickey

Cannon Springs is a third-magnitude spring and one of the lost springs of the Ocklawaha submerged by the waters of the Rodman/Kirkpatrick Reservoir. During periodic drawdowns of the Reservoir (every 3-4 years), Cannon Springs becomes visible displaying its beautiful blue waters and quickly filling with bass and bream. It is a kayakers must see during drawdowns.

If partial restoration of the Ocklawaha was completed, Cannon Springs and 19 other springs of the Ocklawaha would be uncovered permanently. Many would become havens for manatees and all would attract fish and provide thermal cooling of the river and surrounding ecosystem.

Freeing the springs and reduction of evapotranspiration off the reservoir would provide approximately 150 million gallons a day of natural water flow for the lower Ocklawaha and St. Johns Rivers.


The Spring is located by boat approximately one mile south of Payne’s Landing. It is accessed through a tree-canopied canal on the east side of the river. Once the waters of the drawdown come back up (held every 3-4 years), the spring is not visible.